- Long Range Wide Area Network - for the community
- Place sensors outside of WiFi range
- No network contracts
- Message and sensor costs only
- Typical cost is GBP 0.06 per year for hourly sensor
- Examples include temperature, humidity, air quality, door sensors and trackers
- Working examples shown below
Outdoor temperature in Braunton: Last reading
Door status:nullLast reading
Wind speed: Last reading
Wind direction: null Last reading
Barometric pressure: Last reading
Rain gauge: null Last reading
UV index: Last reading
Light intensity: null Last reading
Air humidity: Last reading
Air temperature: null Last reading
Tracking Example
- Tracker example
- Positioning from a dog walking around the village
- Position information was sent every two minutes
- No contract, typical cost is GBP 0.000008 per message
Contact for more information or to get involved